Handcrafted with love, treasured with pride! We are here to give traditional Juttis a modern makeover and take the Art of Juti making and wearing to the next level! Adorn your feet with Juttis made from exceptional craftmanship and be a part of a heritage that is long to live!



How the Juti Art came into being?

The Juti Art was founded in year 2017 under the able guidance of Mr Anil Kilawat, an honest admirer of crafts and culture! His dream of contributing to the world of sustaining art & craftsmanship came to life when he got smitten by a vivid presence of art and crafts in a village nearby. This gave birth to The Jutti Art. He pledged to give wings to this extraordinary craftsmanship of Jutti making and put it on a global platform for a wider range of audience.


Our Vision

A major part of the revenue earned from The Juti Art goes directly to the village and development of the community of artisans. We have a vision of coming up with an NGO shortly, to provide a platform to the local artisans to refine their craft and skills for a global audience. The aim is to bring craftsmen and design educators under one roof, to be able to uplift the dying art of Jutti making and prepare them for a global scenario.


Our Exquisite Collection of Juttis

Our juttis are an ode to the rich culture and heritage of Rajasthan! Each day we are working hard to bring one-of-a-kind pair of Jutti, to your doorstep! From an exclusive range of fabrics and prints to hand embroideries, ornamentation, and embellishments, we have it all.


Exceptional Craftsmanship

We take pride in hand crafting exceptionally beautiful and exclusive Juttis. We are closely working with a well-trained and extremely talented group of artisans and designers to make your ‘Jutti’ dream come true! Available in a varied range, we strive hard to make our customers happy with each pair we deliver.   


Are our Juttis comfortable?

Our Juttis are handcrafted with love and a genuine leather for inner soles to keep you away from painful warts and scars. All our Juttis are double padded to provide great comfort and unmatched softness. They are especially designed to be worn for longer durations so that they adapt to your daily lifestyle effortlessly.  Now wear our Juttis for as long as you want and flaunt them with style!